Friday, March 6, 2009

People are well....People

So today i will just put down a few random no particular order.

As a season ticket holder and avid Caps never ceases to amaze me the arrogance of some people. I mean really, do I need to hear about your corporate take over or who the office hottie is sleeping with during the game. In that vein, if you don't really know the game...maybe just maybe you should refrain from the running ESPN dialogue. No Alex Semin is not the worst player in hockey nor should Mike Green be benched case in point. However, the most annoying thing in all sports is the total disrespect for the National you people realize how idiotic you sound when you shout O during the National Anthem. First, hockey is not baseball, the Caps are not the Orioles, and Washington has its own (although bad) baseball team. If that does not convince you not to scream during the Anthem, how about showing a little respect to the men and women of the military that are protecting our flag. Just control yourself during the anthem and then move on.

Draft beer drinkers at sporting know that they fill the cups to the stop take a few drinks before you attempt to climb over me to get to your seats. I do not appreciate your beer on my shoes, purse, or clothing! If you actually do spill you beer or me...the polite thing to do is apologize..not avert your eyes and walk away!

Escalator etiquette...I don't care if you want to ride the escalator and not walk..completely your business...however...stand to the right so that I can walk down without having to tell you to move....

People with children...I love children however, people need to learn to control their children in public places. Again, I do not appreciate your child running around and slamming into me or stepping on my feet because they are letting off steam. If your child runs into to someone while running around, they should be taught to immediately apologize and then settle down. This is especially disturbing in lines or tight spaces.

Spitting in public....JUST DON'T!

and there is so much more........

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