Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So officially spring has arrived to the DC area, although I believe that mother nature did not get the message. 28 degrees is not spring. I have lined up my flip flops and am prepared to get the first pedicure of the season but have everything on hold until the temperature cooperates. I have noticed little signs of spring everywhere and not just the ones that make everyone sneeze. My flowers are starting to poke through the winter ground and each day I see something new. However, most of my azaleas and rhododendrons did not survive the winter munching by the deer. My hedges need to be removed now because the deer have eaten them to the ground but I guess they need to eat too!

The first big yard project includes picking the leaves up from the fall that we never seemed to have the time to do and trying to figure out how to get rid of the !@#$%^& moles that are destroying my yard.

I am looking forward to actually using my deck this year and finally enjoying my backyard. I have decided that this summer we will run less and spend more time relaxing....we never really take enough time to slow down and enjoy!

I wish everyone a relaxing Spring and a fun filled Summer!

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