Friday, March 27, 2009

Foggy Beginning

So today as I am driving into work in the worst fog I have seen in years, I began to ponder many meaningless things. I wonder how much of my life is wasted on things such as driving to work, laundry, paying bills, cleaning house, and grocery shopping. It is very ironic that in life when you have time to have fun you often do not have the money nor maturity to really enjoy yourself but when you are older and more mature you often do not have or take the time to have fun. Just once I wish I could have the guts to have the adventuresome spirit of a five year with the wallet of a 40 year. I can only imagine the trouble I would get in! I can remember laughing at the old geezers in the shiny convertible when I was younger...little did I realize was that they were the only ones that afford them. It is not very often that you see a 21 driving a Mercedes convertible unless mommy and daddy have money!

I have been very stressed at work these last few weeks and it seems that rambling about mindless things is my only release of stress. I have never been a sweat the little things person but lately the big things are out of control. Stress is a new thing for me and I don't think I really appreciate it. I am trying to stay positive and focus on the positive things in life. Anyone that knows me knows that I always look for the sunshine! So today's, trip through the fog kinda gave a me a chance to focus on the the little things like time and really appreciate my life.

So in the end...

Life is great and I am thankful for all that I have good and bad!

BTW...How Full Is Your Bucket is an excellent read and I recommend that everyone take a minute to read this book!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So officially spring has arrived to the DC area, although I believe that mother nature did not get the message. 28 degrees is not spring. I have lined up my flip flops and am prepared to get the first pedicure of the season but have everything on hold until the temperature cooperates. I have noticed little signs of spring everywhere and not just the ones that make everyone sneeze. My flowers are starting to poke through the winter ground and each day I see something new. However, most of my azaleas and rhododendrons did not survive the winter munching by the deer. My hedges need to be removed now because the deer have eaten them to the ground but I guess they need to eat too!

The first big yard project includes picking the leaves up from the fall that we never seemed to have the time to do and trying to figure out how to get rid of the !@#$%^& moles that are destroying my yard.

I am looking forward to actually using my deck this year and finally enjoying my backyard. I have decided that this summer we will run less and spend more time relaxing....we never really take enough time to slow down and enjoy!

I wish everyone a relaxing Spring and a fun filled Summer!

Friday, March 6, 2009

People are well....People

So today i will just put down a few random no particular order.

As a season ticket holder and avid Caps never ceases to amaze me the arrogance of some people. I mean really, do I need to hear about your corporate take over or who the office hottie is sleeping with during the game. In that vein, if you don't really know the game...maybe just maybe you should refrain from the running ESPN dialogue. No Alex Semin is not the worst player in hockey nor should Mike Green be benched case in point. However, the most annoying thing in all sports is the total disrespect for the National you people realize how idiotic you sound when you shout O during the National Anthem. First, hockey is not baseball, the Caps are not the Orioles, and Washington has its own (although bad) baseball team. If that does not convince you not to scream during the Anthem, how about showing a little respect to the men and women of the military that are protecting our flag. Just control yourself during the anthem and then move on.

Draft beer drinkers at sporting know that they fill the cups to the stop take a few drinks before you attempt to climb over me to get to your seats. I do not appreciate your beer on my shoes, purse, or clothing! If you actually do spill you beer or me...the polite thing to do is apologize..not avert your eyes and walk away!

Escalator etiquette...I don't care if you want to ride the escalator and not walk..completely your business...however...stand to the right so that I can walk down without having to tell you to move....

People with children...I love children however, people need to learn to control their children in public places. Again, I do not appreciate your child running around and slamming into me or stepping on my feet because they are letting off steam. If your child runs into to someone while running around, they should be taught to immediately apologize and then settle down. This is especially disturbing in lines or tight spaces.

Spitting in public....JUST DON'T!

and there is so much more........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Winter of my Discontent!

Wow....the winter of 2009 has certainly been an eventful one for the Donaldson household. Paul was officially laid off the first week of January and has not been able to find work since. He has kept busy doing many of the projects around the house but the age old story of when you have time you don't have money is so true.

I have been very sick since my birthday in January and can honestly say that pancreatitis and gall stones are no fun! The next time someone tells you that gallbladder problems are the worst pain every..believe them! I have been in a liquid/bland food restriction since the last week of January. I have discovered that I can be neither bulimic or anorexic!.. I hate to throwup and going without food just pisses you off! I have decided to solve the worlds problems I am going to give everyone a sandwich..then people will be happy!

The puppy children are fantastic as usual and big baby Shelby will be 7 months old on the 3rd of March. She is growing by leaps and bounds and weighs in at about 100lbs. She is such a character and is as spoiled as the other two. Simon still tolerates his annoying little sister and we try to give him a break for her every now and again. Burger is getting older by the day and we are just trying to let her live what time she has left with dignity and without pain. It breaks my heart to see how much she has aged and how much weight she has lost but so far she is not in any pain!

I am looking forward to the spring so that I can regain control of my yard. Apparently my flowers and hedges are quite the tasty salad bar for the many deer in my yard. In addition, the moles have returned with a vengeance...No plant is safe in my yard.

I am still hanging with my friends just about every weekend and we are starting to plan our next goofy adventure!

So in closing, I wish everyone sunshine, happiness, and love!


Monday, January 12, 2009


After another funfilled weekend with my husband and friends, I start this monday morning by paying bills and getting my tax information together! I know I say this a lot but I really am not 21 years old and 7 hours of sleep for an entire weekend is really not enough. I used to be able to do that but now it takes me forever to get back in my routine.

I am looking forward to this weekend more than you can imagine. I will start the weekend by hanging at Pure with my friends listening to the Sam Grow Band. We will start celebrating my birthday and Becky's too on Friday, although our birthday is not until Saturday. On Saturday, I am meeting my hockey friends for a bday dinner and then hopefully a CAPS win. On Sunday morning, we take Tracey to the airport for his winter vacation...good for him..hope he has a great time.

The final adventure of the weekend is...after dropping Tracey off at the airport, we are going to Hagerstown to celebrate my bday and my brother's bday by eating chicken wings and having a few beers! YIPPEEE! He has invited a few friends and should be quite fun!

So hopefully, this weekend will be a nonstop laugh fest!!

My World

Friday, January 9, 2009

9 days into the New Year

So far this year has been quite eventful and we are only 9 days in....Paul has not been working very much because of the weather and the economy but....the good thing is that I am a Government employee and pretty much recession proof. I am truly thankful for that.
Paul has been using his spare time to catch up on some of the projects around the house. This is a good thing because it keeps him busy but a bad thing because he is the ultimate time the tool man taylor! For example, on Tuesday he was using his grinder on one of his many project and caught the string from his jacket in the grinder. The grinder's spinning motion caused a severe rope burn and cut across his nose and face. It looks really bad and I am sure it is quite painful but in true Paul fashion, he just kept on going. Now if he gets a cold that a whole nother story...hahah

Also during this time off, Paul has been spending lotsa of time with the puppy yep you guessed it...they are even more spoiled than ever.
So even though he is not working and has a banged up nose...Paul is actually doing quite well...we are hopeful that he will be getting work soon.

I have been extremely busy at work....much more than usual because of the administration change. Each day is a challenge but I remind myself that i really do have a great job and that change is not always a bad thing. Until I can fully accept/conform...I would however, hide all sharp objects...hahaha

The puppy children are doing well. Burger is still creeping along and even manages to play for short burst. She is truly a miracle and pray that she is with for a long as possible.

Simon is a spoiled as ever and is enjoying his little sister. She annoys him but I think he secretly likes it. They are inseparable. too cute!
Shelby has learned to bark and growl..too funny! She has not figured out that the dog in the dishwasher, stove, front window or any shiny object is her and takes great offense to it barking at her. This provides us with hours of entertainment.

So in sum with 9 days gone in 2009...we have had a few setbacks but are confident that with the right attitude and positive outlook we will have a great 2009.

Love to all